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Hello Hitchhikers,

We spent Towel Day 2009 in the Rocky Mountains.  Here are a couple of our photos, starting just after midnight.  

We were looking for things that hang in the air in much the same way that bricks don't.

In the morning, we tried to replicate last year's Towel Day Surprise (photos formerly viewable at the Kojv site).  The surprise is approaching a total stranger and asking them to hold your towel while you take a picture.  They usually think you wanted the towel out of the way while you take a picture of someone or something else, and are surprised when you point the camera at them for the photo.  We do explain Towel Day afterwards, but the faces we get are lots of fun.

Unfortunately we did not run into many strangers due to our remote location this year, however we did catch this unsuspecting gentleman...

Happy Towel Day!

Happy Towel Day!

My Babelfish know where their towel is!

We had thunderstorms :( so we didn't get out much but early in the morning.

I didn't see any towel carriers about town, but I caught this hoopy frood running around the house with my 42 towel...

Grate Oracle Lewot:
I didn't go anywhere special, but there's a playground in my backyard.

A black towel for Father Kojv:

My little sister:

The gang:

Me hitchhiking:

Using towels to combat a dimensional shift:

I noticed a few other black towels, some with 42 on them, in other towel day pictures this year, but I hadn't heard about that as a memorial for Father Kojv until I read your forum.  I like the idea.  I had a blue towel like your sister.  And we have a black dog similar to yours.  The dog was in our 2006 Towel Day picture (I will repost old pictures shortly - they were all once visable at kojv's site).

Incidentally, pictures posted at kojv in 2004 & 2005 (before he ran into server space issues and moved to linking pictures there) can still be seen via the Wayback Machine on the internet.


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