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Uses of a towel

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When I was a breastfeeding counselor I always told new moms to tuck towels under the arm that's holding the baby to prop her up to a more comfortable level. A towel can also be used to catch spit up. For teething you can cut a washcloth (which is just a tiny towel) in half, wet it, roll it up, and pop it into the freezer for a bit and it becomes the right temperature and consistancy to sooth a baby's sore gums.

My kids use towels to wrap up treasures they find on hikes.

A while back my girls made a video about the uses of a towel. The audio isn't very good, but it's sort of cute.

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Awwwww. :D That's adorable.

Kids are always good for coming up with uses for things that adults might not think about.  And with towels, the uses are potentially infinite.

Use #??? - Towels can be a handy measuring device.

When was the last time you used a towel for a measuring device? ???


Something you can hide behind when hiding from your friends/enemies

I used a towel to measure the size of computer monitor by comparing it to another monitor with an already known size.  A towel's uses as a measuring device are nearly infinite.  And given it's flexibility, it is very handy for measuring the perimeter of odd shaped areas, such as a police chalk outline of a dead body, if for some strange reason you happen to need one.


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