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I don't have a "special" towel for Towel Day.  I used one for several Towel Days, but because it was also used all year for regular use, it fell apart.  I just ordered the children to make sure all the towels are clean so we have more options.  Consider that with 7 in the house, 7 showers, a few out for general use, and then 7 for Towel Day; if the laundry isn't done, someone might get stuck with a dirty towel.  None of our towels are new.  VogonGirl is just trying to avoid doing laundry  :P

Despite repeated hints and suggestions over the years (Father's Day is coming...), the kids never buy me a nice Towel Day towel, so I don't have one. 

Come on now, VogonGirl, washing and folding towels is a privilege.  ;)

Well, Kilman, I guess you'll have to buy your own special towel just as I'm going to have to buy my own 42 t-shirt. I've figured out if they don't sell it at the drug store my husband passes on his way to work, he's not going to get it for my birthday or Christmas.  ::)

Dad, I did all the towel laundry today so you can't say I'm trying to get out of it.  All of the towels we have are clean now because of me so there.  That part of your post is invalid.  Earlier I was trying to say that dad was keeping all the good looking towels for Towel Day but on here he said that he should have a bad looking one and I wanted to know why he wanted to keep all the good looking ones when he thinks he should have a raggy one.

I should have sent her to public school.

Our kids! We give them everything and what do they do, try to humiliate us in public. Just when my oldest daugher was done with that, my 10 year olds started. We'll never win, Kilman. Once we have kids, our coolness factor starts going down right away.  8)


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