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Grate Oracle Lewot:
I'm going to copy this thread from Beady's and my forum:

--- Quote from: Me ---"This is life or death stuff, but Adams is a writer who chooses not to shake his finger at the reader. He fails completely in the self-righteous-piety department. Instead he invites us to enter into a conspiracy of laughter and caring."

--Los Angeles Times, on Last Chance To See

It's on the back of my copy of the book. After reading this a few times, I realized how true it was. For example, even though Douglas described himself as a radical atheist, and clearly mocked several different religions in his books, he never tried to shove atheism down the reader's throat, unlike--I'll just say what comes to mind--Family Guy. I can't even express how much respect I have for this quality in a person, and it's a rare one.
--- End quote ---

One of the things DNA did was laugh indiscriminately.  He may have put in a fair number of jokes poking fun at religion, but he did not hold up another segment of society as superior by contrast.  All humanity was laughable.  I think many people try to make comedy about segments of society they don't agree with, but there is an implied superiority which makes the humor unfunny to anyone not in the joke teller's "choir."

Maybe it is not so like you think in my opion.

My sources tell me this is a spammer, but since it almost fits (like a horoscope fits almost anyone), I will leave it for now on the off chance that this is a spammer who happens to be a DNA fan and disagrees with me or Lewot.

Thank you for this information
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