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42 sightings

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Have you ever run into a 42 that struck you as picturesque or a little odd?

No, I didn't edit this picture.  If I remember correctly, this was a tribute to Jackie Robinson.

Feel free to add to our collection of 42s.


I have no idea where this building is, but apparently it is building 42.

Grate Oracle Lewot:
I know I've had some sightings, but I can't remember any of them at the moment. I'll be sure to record future ones.

Grate Oracle Lewot:
I was mowing the lawn. Riding mower. It has bucket things on the back which we use to collect the mown grass which we use as mulch. Anyway, one of the times I went to empty them, there was a tag in one of the buckets, perfectly visible atop the mown grass, which said 42 on it. It said other stuff, but the 42 was what caught your attention. I don't know what it was from.

42s always do seem to stick out.  It's a bit like seeing your birthday, that sticks out too.


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