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42 sightings

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This is my 42nd post!

You may have noticed the familiar strag designation for new members.  And now the familiar hitchhiker at the 42nd post.  The similarity ends there.  Higher levels will be at different numbers and have different names (to be kept secret until someone gets that far).  

As expected, things are quiet in the post Towel Day months, which makes this a good time to plan on site improvements before the visitor totals pick up.  Now if I can only find the time to improve my web design skills...

Although this pic is not from the spot, I used to live right next to the 42nd Parallel in Wyoming.  I even celebrated the 2002 Towel Day there.

Breaking the rules here and it's only my second day. This isn't a sighting, but a question.
Does anybody know if the Coldplay song "42" was inspired by D.N.A.?

I’m afraid my musical tastes fossilized before Coldplay came out, so I have no answer to your question.

I do, however, know that the Orion Nebula is Messier Object 42:

I saw a 42 in the three word story.


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