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Which ship?

Floppies -  Ah, the good old days of glorious black and white monitors and text based games.

I still think my favorite computer games are the old text games like HHGTG & Zork, although, Starship Titanic gives them a run for the money.  But then Starship is DNA's attempt to insert the enjoyment of text into the era of graphics - very successfully if you ask me.  If you haven't played Starship Titanic, you are missing out.  Conversations with Marcinta Drubish (sp?) are always a hoot.

This just in... apparently someone has done a point and click remake version of the Hitchhiker's game and released it on Towel Day 2010:  http://h2g2remake.wordpress.com/
I am fairly sure Spanos, who did most of the work, was one of the old kjov site members.

Heart of Gold

Oh neato! :)

I just got this forum as a referrer, and I thought what the hell I never signed up for any DNA related site, let alone a Towel Day one. I don't know what kjov is, therefore we're not the same guy ;D
I haven't tried Starship Titanic, and I can't find it anywhere to download (not cracked!). If anyone knows something like Steam or anything that allows me to pay for it via Paypal, it'd be great.

well I was playing the game again but I still lost.  :(

Towel, has anyone ever won?


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