Author Topic: The Deafening Silence  (Read 62968 times)


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The Deafening Silence
« on: January 28, 2015, 06:02:43 PM »
It is fairly obvious that participating traffic here has atrophied since the last Towel Day.  Other than the occasional post by Lewot and I, the place is discouragingly quiet.  But so long as Donna continues to renew the domain, I will keep stopping by.  So if anyone feels compelled to say hello and strike up a conversation, you won’t be met with complete silence.
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Re: The Deafening Silence
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2015, 06:33:21 AM »
AHEM! Yes. Uh. I'm still here too, more or less.

Yeah, I remember last Towel Day, people posted pictures on the day itself, and then the very next day, total flatline. Now, being a holiday-based forum, there's bound to be some of that, and even if there isn't much discussion during the rest of the year, it's still nice to have a place to post the pictures. It would be nicer if things busied up again, but I'm not sure what we can do. Perhaps hold a seance to get some new material from DNA?
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