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This year I noticed a couple of Towel Day contests.  Perhaps this is a something that will grow, but then again some of it may simply have been corporate sponsorship to promote the non-DNA 6th Hitchhiker book (In case you were not aware, Eoin Colfer is writing "And Another Thing" - which is "fully sanctioned by Douglas Adams' widow" - whatever).

If you happen to spot a Towel Day contest that may interest your fellow hitchhikers, please let us know.

Here is one that ends June 20th, 2009 with a prize of a special towel.  Unfortunately for some of us, it is only open to residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Hey, does rebellious colony with former membership in the UK count? 

This company (AfterDawn) is giving away towels in a drawing for anyone who posts a comment on the article thread (today).  A picture supposedly increases your chances.  Since they are in Finland, hard tell if they will ship one to America.

Nifty!   :)

Since it looks like I am the only person to put up a picture, and since they wrote, "If you include an appropriately towel-themed picture of yourself, your chances to win will increase fortytwofold!" it would be hard to see me not winning a towel (unless they don't want to ship from Finland).  I wonder what the towel looks like?

One of these days I'll have to get my act together.  I would love to sponsor a contest like that.  I have a friend who does embroidery.  I'll have to see if she can make a special towel for next year!


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