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I guess that's what you get for winning something from Finland. :(


Maybe it is being shipped by iceberg.

At this point I am not expecting it to come, but you never know.  It could be like one of those things you order after collecting UPCs off cereal boxes.  You send in your order and it takes so long that by the time the package arrives you have forgotten it entirely and are wondering what could be in the package.

Update on towel - never arrived  :(

Here is an exciting contest!

"The Literary Platform hosts an international competition inviting creatives to produce an animation that illustrates a rare and prophetic audio recording of Douglas Adams talking in 1993 about the Evolution of the Book."

Deadline for entries is April 15th (try not to confuse it with your tax return - The IRS consistently ranks in the top 10 most humorless organizations in the world - you will get no prize from them).

The winner will be announced on Towel Day this year.

Prize: "The winner of the competition will win an iPad2 loaded with Douglas Adams books and apps and a Don’t Panic towel to carry on Towel Day."

You should probably read all the rules, but here are a couple to note:

"Animations cannot contain violent imagery, nudity or evil content."  (hmmm, evil content?)

"Entrants can show their work wherever they like once the competition has ended but must ensure that the audio is always clearly credited: Audio by Douglas Adams, recorded by Voyager Books 1993"

Watch one of the two entries so far for an idea, or simply watch the one which has only the audio with a Don't Panic button to listen to the recording.

This looks fun!  :D


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