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Oh wow, that's a cool article. My husband and I were recently arguing about the "next Wednesday" thing.
I love Grammar Girl. :)

It's just about that time when contests and such should be appearing here and there.  I will be on the lookout.  If you see one I missed, please share.   :)

Here is a contest from the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall in England (The Hitchhiker's Live show will be there later this year, yea, still no US shows):

"Fan of HHGG? Does Towel Day mean anything to you? If it does, send a picture of you and your towel by Fri 24 May for your chance to win an official HHGG tshirt and don’t forget to book for the show when it comes to Nottingham Royal Concert Hall on Fri 15 Nov. Send your entries to with TRCH in the subject line and remember, DON’T PANIC!"

Shirts can be seen here:

I didn't find anything to indicate that you had to live in England to win, but then we all know how my towel from Finland turned out.  >:(

The Hackney Empire, another venue in England that will host the live show, is also giving out HHGG shirts:

"In celebration, we would like to give you the chance to win a very special HHGG T-shirt. Just send a picture of yourself with your towel to before May 25 and make sure you put 'Hackney Empire' in the subject line. Best photo wins - so BE CREATIVE!"

I noticed that the email address is the same as the Nottingham contest, but you put in a different subject line.  Not sure if this means there are two contests with more shirts to be won or just one contest.

Here are a couple of other contests:

This has a daily Facebook contest & Twitter contest starting on the 20th.

And this contest ends Tuesday, May 21st (5pm BST, so Tuesday morning in the US).  To enter, you design your own beach towel on the web site.  5 best designs get a beach towel with the design you made.


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