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OK, here is one at a Slovakian web site.  Win one of five towels.  Unfortunately my Slovakian (is that a language?) is a little non-existant, and my online babelfish is less than clear.  Perhaps someone else can figure it out (translation below, for the original in Slovakian go to

Take part in the competition for towel stopársky!
What everyone needs a proper space Tracker? Well, after all, a towel! And a towel with a raised thumb and large soothing words don't PANIC you will be the envy of even on the planet najposlednejšej, which can be reached thanks to a new hyperpriestorovej highway. We're talking about exactly this towel:

So if you want to get involved in the competition for one of the five stylish stopárskych towels, just a single one. Enjoy our vogonskú poem reveal a word that hides it and write the address and press Enter. You will be taken to a page with a form, just fill in the ultratajnú and you are in the game!

Example: If you think that the poem talks about the Marvinovi, so you write a and if you are correct, they argued, will show you the form.
 PS: no, Marvin is not the correct answer. A good attempt.

Let's do it, let's do, here is a poem, which conceals the word: vogonská
First love
Umárajú me krabohnáty thy amalgama?nej Chamber,
 tupozvuk their vyfrneného vrzúkania is me
 even šmakuláda than potopancier ostrokyslejšia ?ervobzdochy of Krrárxsu-12B, Sandy.
 Thus, frištunk Rozbab?dliš my protoplazmy,
 and if he xenoformuješ frucácke dubzuby only,
 that you for you desuplnokvárne intarzujem
 yperitovým solution?
Do You Have? Congratulations, so off to fill out the form! You have until the end of time, fingers Uteráková day. That is until today. Until midnight. Then you won't be able to fill in. And even if so, the answer is not going to count on. We keep our fingers crossed! Let it stopársky your towel!

Yep, I'm pretty clueless.

And these people on Twitter (@fabfurnishindia) want you to replace the word “dil” with “towel” in any song to win a towel set.

But I don't know any songs with the word dil (probably because I think it is Hindi or something).


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