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... a somewhat DNA related topic...

FYI - Sundance Channel is running a new 6 part (hour long each part) Monty Python documentary this week (40th anniversary of MP).  They are already a couple parts in, but are replaying the whole thing starting this Saturday.  I've only watched the beginning of the first one due to a lack of time, but am collecting them on DVR for future watching.  Looked good so far.  Sundance is also running several Python movies.  I don't know if Adams will be mentioned in the documentary.

Neato! :D

I've never watched a MP show except Holy Grail.

The show is on IFC rather than Sundance (oops) and the replays are going on at a rate of 1 episode per week.  I watched 5 of 6 parts of the documentary (so far) and highly recommend it to Python fans.  It is called "Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyers Cut)"

In interesting article by Terry Jones (of Monty Python & Starship Titanic):

Terry Jones remembers Douglas Adams, 'the last of the Pythons'



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