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Its 100 days until Towel Day 2010 and I still haven't figured out what I am doing for Towel Day, other than carry a towel.  So I thought about how Towel Day is often quite fun when the towel is very much out place.  My favorite was when I had jury duty and served on a trial on Towel Day.  Hard to believe they selected a juror with a towel, but they did.  Anyway, I would like to count down the days until Towel Day with ideas for the most awkward places/events you can bring your towel to on Towel Day.  I'll put in one idea a day, others can too.  First post of the day gets to declare how many days until Towel Day.

100 Days Until Towel Day!!!

Awkward place to bring your towel:

The White House

I can just image trying to explain Towel Day to the Secret Service.

Grate Oracle Lewot:
They let you have it on a jury? That's beyond priceless. :D

I dunno what I'm doing yet either, but I'll try to think of something.

99 Days Until Towel Day!!!

Another awkward place to bring your towel:


Particularly during a service, like mass.  We did this last time Towel Day landed on a Sunday and there were plenty of judgmental stares.  Non-participating relatives didn't want to sit next to us.

98 days until towel day!!!

and yet another awkward place to bring your towel:

   Charter schools

       Seeing as they don't say towels are in the whole dress up thing because you have to wear a uniform.

97 days untill towel day!!

      Another awkward place to bring your towel:

                 the run way

           It's not very fashionable to ware a towel all day



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