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Well worth the read, glad you brought it over for the convenience of casual readers (still has almost nothing to do with my being lazy).

I completely agree, I thought the books were the best version, and for pure entertainment value, I would probably vote the infocom game second, simply because it is so frustratingly fun.  For exposure bias reference, I read the books first (1981-as they were published), watched the BBC show second (early 80s), played the infocom game third (mid 80s), and did not hear the radio broadcast until 1990.  Last, but still of some entertainment value is the posthumous movie.  Reading the books first might bias me in that direction.  Also, I tend to like books more than movies, or other media.

Okay I think I need to read the books now. Yes it's true I have not yet read any of the HHGTG books. But this summer I will.

Not if I get there first. 8)

A couple of literary agents whose blogs I follow mentioned Towel Day.

That first one has a interesting question which I'd never thought about before, and since we are getting farther and farther off topic, I decided to respond to it in this other new thread...


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