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Grate Oracle Lewot:
Well, you could create an account just to view the blog :P The people there probably won't appreciate it, but it's not uncommon on the internet, I think. Then again, I'm not sure the blog entry is worth reading :P

Your humbleness is truly great, oh Grate Oracle Lewot.
... not worth reading.
Well, now I have to read it.  :)

Yep, just what I thought. It was worth it. It's been a while since I thought about the differences between the radio and novel versions. Good post.  :)

Why not copy and paste the text here?  That way hitchhikers just passing through this site would be more likely to read it.  This suggestion has almost nothing to do with my being too lazy to create an account.

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Well, if you insist. It read thus:

Happy Towel Day!

It's now about half an hour past 4:20 PM, and I'm out of classes for today, and I just finished a Spanish assignment. Well, not finished, per se, but it's something, unlike most of my work this term. But I'm in high spirits (for me, anyway) despite all the failing grades. Mostly because I already told my parents about it and they didn't get angry, so it looks like I can still get my punishment-free summer break, without which I would spiral into a college-failing . . . what do you call those pits made by those one kinds of ants? Well, some metaphor along those lines, anyway.

Towel Day's been fun so far--there are a couple of things that I sort of forgot about it. One is how hilarious it is that no one ever asks why I'm wearing a towel, and the other is just how good the book version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is. You see, recently I've been listening to the radio version (the original version, upon which the books were based) in the truck whenever I drive between college and home, so I was actually more familiar with that than the books, which was a change, because I read the books before discovering the radio show. The best comparison to make is to the first and second Paper Mario games--the second is mechanically better and was certainly not a disappointment, but it just didn't quite capture the magic of the original. But after hearing the radio episodes so many times and then going back to the book, I was able to more clearly see all of the changes he made, and the majority of them are improvements (the only ones that aren't improvements are some of the omissions, but other omissions are justified by the inherent differences between radio and prose).

Once again, I'll link to and in case the reader(s) of this blog want(s) to know more about the Hitchhiker's Guide and Towel Day. If, however, you are too lazy to click links (as I frequently am), I'll summarize:

. . . Okay, so, the actual story is far too complicated to summarize, but I'll summarize the bit about towels. A towel is the most useful thing that an interstellar hitchhiker can have. This is because it has great practical value--you can use it as a blanket, pillow, fan, shade, blindfold, sail, gas mask, weapon, etc.--as well as great psychological value--for, obviously, anyone who can hitchhike their way across the galaxy and still know where his towel is is clearly a man to be reckoned with.

Lastly, I must admit that I probably will not have any Towel Day pictures this year, and even if I do, it will probably just be one, taken on my phone, which means it will be very bad quality, and anyway I don't know how to get them off the phone. But I do have some pictures posted on the forum from previous years, if you want to see those. I apologize for not having any this year, but the failing college thing kind of gets in the way of that, and maybe I'll take some late ones once summer starts.

Edit: Oh, and the blog post was titled "Phreeeooow!"


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