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At the moment, people seem about as aware of this site as a Bugblatter Beast is aware of someone hiding behind a towel, which is to say, no one knows we are here.  So, to remedy this, we want to create a banner that can be put up on other web sites, linking them back here for thrilling discussion, Towel Day planning, etc... 

While I can't speak for our host, Donna, I can say that my artistic talent is woefully lacking.  That is where you come in.  You, or maybe someone who has stolen your identity, get a chance to design a banner for this site.  Here is how it works:

1) Design an eye catching (you will have to set them free after the contest) banner that will attract visitors to towelday.net

2) Post your graphic here for brutal and humiliating judgment by your peers

Its that simple

The Prize, rules, and other small print

The winner will receive a fully refurbished EGO compliments of Short Term Meaningless Success Inc. (approximate retail value $0.0000042)  Taxes are the sole responsibility of anyone foolish enough to pay them.  The creator and sponsors of this contest are not responsible for any loss of humility stemming from misuse of the prize.

Grate Oracle Lewot:
You're really quite a good writer :P

I can occasionally draw video game sprites, but I tend not to be so good with basic artistic images. If I think of anything, though, I may and/or may not make and post it.

Here is something.

He has designed banners which he says are free to use.


Looks good to me!

Apparently this one is already linked to towelday.org.  It would probably be a good idea to put this somewhere on the front page to give people a link to that site and design a separate one leading to towelday.net.  I suspect it would be confusing if the same banner was used to link to two different sites.

It's been almost a month since the call went out for a banner, but no entries yet.  Never fear, I hear VogonGirl is in the process of designing one.

Don't forget, I'm working on one to cause I'm  8)TheTowelThatCanDoAnything 8)! This part dosnt matter I just like puting the line though it  :P


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