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Towel Day 2010 in Colorado Springs


42 days to go and I still don't have specific plans.  I would be open to a party of some sort if anyone else is interested.  Or we could coordinate an off the wall sort of event.  We've done a "Towel Day Surprise" at the Zoo before (ask strangers to hold your towel while you snap a picture of them).  We could so something similar or something even more outrageous.

I am open to ideas.  Anyone going to be in the Springs area on May 25th?

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Unfortunately, I'll have classes that day, so I probably won't be able to do any out-of-state traveling. If the next one falls on a weekend, though, I will seriously consider it, as Colorado isn't really all that far (I'm in Oregon). I've had mostly fun Towel Days thus far, but they haven't been very ambitious, and I'm going to change that if it kills me, which it almost certainly will. ;) I guess money is the main issue...

Unless we happen to meet up with any other hitchhikers, it looks like our Towel Day might consist of Towel Day Surprise in the park (where we hand unsuspecting strangers our towel and then snap a photo of bewildered subject - yes, we explain afterward - if they haven't run away).  Then maybe a barbeque in the yard and supporting the US Men's National Soccer team with psychic towel energy.

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