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The US Men's soccer team, which qualified for the 2010 World Cup by scoring 42 goals in the qualification process, will be taking on the Czech Republic in a World Cup warm-up match on May 25th in Hartford Connecticut at 8pm ET.  If you plan to go, be sure to prominently display your towel.  Maybe we will see you on TV!

ESPN didn't mention Towel Day, nor did they focus their cameras on any towel toting fans.  Surely there had to be a few in the crowd, but to be honest, I wasn't really watching the crowd.  I watched the game.  So here is the bad news - good news - bad news - interesting news....

USA lost  :(

but this was our benchwarmers, not our starting team, and just a warm up game  :)

but still, we should have won  :(

Interestingly, however, as noted before, the US scored 42 goal in qualifying for the World Cup, and our first World Cup will be against England - so we lost this game 4-2 on Towel Day - what does it all mean?   ???

I don't know what it means. But I know one thing- I went to a book store today and get this- nothing indicated that they knew anything about Towel Day. Yikes!  :o
You'd think a book store would honor this special day. So sad.  :-[

Hmm... I'll bet the soccer players had towels in the locker room though. Umm, not that I think about men in locker rooms, er... Hee-he ::)

Yikes indeed!  Book stores aren't what they used to be, or so it seems.  The days of strong independent bookstores are long gone, replaced by large chains which use one-size-fits-all "personality" testing to ensure that they employ safe, vanilla-flavor sheep.  And many surviving independents are havens of snobbery which look down on "non-literary" authors and genres.  The former is unlikely to recognize Towel Day unless it comes to them as a dictate via a memo from the corporate office, and the later would simply view Towel Day as evidence to support their prejudice.

Oops, must avoid going into rant mode...

Anyway, how about this for more spooky, omen-like coincidence:

USA's star soccer player is currently our all-time leader in goals (42) and assists (42).

Surely the preponderance of omens means we are destined to win the World Cup!  Either that or the end of the world is neigh.

I say we win.


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