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This is the 10th Towel Day!

Douglas Adams passed away May 11th 2001 - 1st Towel Day was May 25th 2001.

Link your Towel Day 2010 pictures here.  If you are not sure how, see the Towel Day Picture FAQs thread.

I will post some early day pictures shortly.

I almost forgot it was towel day! When my father walked in with his towel on, as I was folding towels, I remembered it was towel day!!!

Here is one of our first pictures of the day (more to come as the day proceeds):

Some Towel Day early birds...

I walked down to the Harbor @lunchtime (work in Baltimore).  Couldn't spot a single towel-carrying frood.  :(  Oh well, I will keep carrying mine all day!

Some of the kids haven't seen the old BBC series so we put in the tape...

That is the scene in the pub.


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