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In the "Countdown to Towel Day 2010" thread, Teatime pointed out a Towel Day blog reference

--- Quote from: Teatime on May 26, 2010, 11:51:25 PM ---A couple of literary agents whose blogs I follow mentioned Towel Day.
--- End quote ---

that raised the question, “...which literary character do you have a crush on?”

It is an interesting question I'd never actually thought about.  I would have to view the question in past tense since I can't say I have any such current crush, nor can I say I've had one in a long time.  Maybe I am not reading the right books.

Upon reflection, here is what I came up with...

Mr. Bransford, the literary agent blogger in the link, suggested Trillian of HHGTG and I think I would have to agree with that one.

Here are a few others that came to mind:

Daily Alice Drinkwater - Little, Big

Gillian - Stranger in a Strange Land

Mona - Cat's Cradle

P. Burke - Girl Who Was Plugged In (an odd choice I suppose)

Juliet - Romeo & Juliet

Miranda - The Tempest

Sirius Black from H.P.
Severus Snape from H.P.
Dirk Gently (yes, I do have strange taste, but I have such a crush!)
Ford Prefect (which is funny because I played him in a mini-skit I wrote in high school- I should probably be psychologically analyzed about that  :o )
Faramir from LotR
Both Fish and Bear from the Regina Doman fairy tale books (which probably none of you have read)
Spider from Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys. B.t.w. that's one of the best books in the world! Every D.N.A. fan should be reading Gaiman. He's a fan of Adams, you know. You'll enjoy the subtle Adamsisms in his work.

Sadly I have never had any such crush. I did date for 5 monthes and hoped to be in love thoe. If I were to have such a crush on someone who never really exsisted it might be someone like this...

Egwene-Weel of time

Bella-Twilight [Yeah umm thats really funny cause my friend thought that was a guys name]

And thats it. But most of the time I think its creepy to have such a crush.

 :D Oh! LOL Like Bela Lugosi. He was a guy. That's spelled with just one L though.

I get literary crushes too easily. Which reminds me, I want to add another to my list: Gwydion from The Book of Three.

These are minor crushes.........

Bilbo-from The Hobbit.

Devin-from A Viking Quest.

Ged-from Earthsea.

Mikkel-from A Viking Quest.

And I think that’s all of them though I haven’t really read enough books to possibly have more.


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