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But I want to live here!
It's actually a real house. You can read about it~ http://www.dogonews.com/2009/05/24/a-real-life-hobbit-house

There was a real estate development several years ago in Bend, Oregon called the Shire.  Apparently they built 14 houses and then the real estate market fell apart and the project went bankrupt.  Houses too pricey I think.  I suppose the houses are still there, though likely cheaper now.


Road trip!  ;D

Though they are not quite hobbit style, I always wanted to buy one of those retired missile silos and convert it into a house.  Although, I guess I really just want a castle.  Or maybe I can buy a missile silo and put a castle on top of it.  Sounds like a plan.

under ground and you have a superb Hobbit home


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