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Grate Oracle Lewot:

Yeeeaaah... Not much going on around here recently, and this has nothing to do with DNA, but it's a very poorly-constructed demo of a video game I started making a while ago. There's a different, much more complicated and story-heavy game I've been working on, but it hates me and refuses to function any longer, so I'm making this one in the meantime.

Press F1 for instructions. From there it tells you how to do everything else.

The demo contains two levels, and between the two, you should get to see almost every type of enemy I'm planning to use throughout the game. Therefore, the levels are kind of hard :P But, yeah, if you try to go to level 3, it gives you an error message.

Share and enjoy.

Help! I need to cheat already.  I am stuck in heaven, which doesn't sound too bad, but does not lead to much video game action.  I guess my lack of video game experience isn't helping much in figuring out what to do.  So far I can run back and forth and jump, but what does <B (or whatever it is) mean?

Oh, and thanks for sharing this with us!

BTW, I do get over that first pillar of cloud next to the angel saying "Jump! <B", but I can't seem to get past the U formation.

This is a really fun game!   ;D

Grate Oracle Lewot:

--- Quote from: Kilman on August 14, 2010, 02:48:02 PM ---BTW, I do get over that first pillar of cloud next to the angel saying "Jump! <B", but I can't seem to get past the U formation.

--- End quote ---

Actually, it's "<3", which is just supposed to look like a heart :P That angel gets a kick out of your jumping abilities, I guess.

To get over the U-shaped gap, you have to jump while dashing. To dash, hold X while you move. I believe the F1 instructions say something like "X (Hold) = Dash," but I guess I should phrase it less cryptically. I guess, though, that this is sort of designed for people with previous video game experience. Don't feel bad about asking questions though--it lets me know someone is actually playing it.

Oh, and thank you, VogonGirl. Anything in particular that you like, or just the whole package?


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