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--- Quote from: Teatime on August 14, 2010, 11:36:04 PM ---"Finished" is a flexible term.
--- End quote ---

I like that.  I should try it out next time my wife asks if my book is finished.  I suspect it won't go over too well.

Looking forward to the link to your book!

Your wish is my command.  :D


Actually, I put the link on my signature a couple days ago.

But because you asked, I'll also give you (and everyone at Towel Day) the secret special code to get it for .99 cents:  AL58U
That coupon's good until Sept. 15. But if you don't wish to buy it, you can view half the book for free anyway. It's not on the premium catalogue yet, so it's not yet in the Apple or the Barns and Noble store. But soon. They just issued me my ISBN number. :) It works on all of the various electronic formats. Well, I hope so. I haven't heard from people with all of the different devices yet.

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Whoa :o Just the title and description are pretty amazing. At the moment I'm saving up my money--although I suppose I could spare 99 cents, but I'm none too great at figuring out all this electronic purchasing stuff :/ It always rather confuses me. But, hey, it does sound rather intriguing. If someone can tell me how to buy it, then I'll have something new to read for my (slacking) off-time in college.

Thanks, Lewot.  ;D

Well, you can read the first half for free. Maybe you'll hate it! LOL :P Even if you don't have an ereader, you can look at the pdf or html version. I prefer the pdf, myself. You just click "view sample" or "download sample" if you want to read the first part of it without buying. If you click "buy" it will ask you to join Smashwords. That's simple enough. You just fill in a series of boxes. It's sort of neat because it will store the books you buy in your online library for you.

People offer books and short stories for free too. I have a freebie on there. There is some junk on there, but because everyone offers samples, you can weed out the yucky or just plain stupid stuff.

I took the liberty of splitting this off into its own topic.  After all the time you must have put into it, the least we can do is give it its own thread.  That, and it helps create the illusion of many discussions taking place on the forum.  ;)

After a brief peek at Syzygy (the first page beyond the title page) I am happy to report that it has potential.  I'm glad because it would have been awkward to respond here had it been awful.  But, this being August, which for various reasons is always the busiest month of the year for me, I'm afraid I won't be able to get to reading the rest for at least a few weeks.  I will try to get to it before that code expires (yes, I'm cheap).  The same thing goes for Lewot's video game where I progressed a few more feet to a black wall before the call of responsibility summoned me away.

Congratulations on your book!  I hope this leads to more opportunities for you.


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