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Re: Teatime's Syzygy
« Reply #15 on: June 22, 2012, 02:38:54 PM »
 ;D Thanks Kilman.

Yeah, huge spoilers. Which, I guess makes it not so much of a trailer, but an animated-abbreviated of Syzygy. My sister also pointed out it had spoilers. I wasn't really thinking about that aspect when we worked on the script, maybe because I'm no longer actively marketing Syzygy. It's not that great a novel. Not as good as the one I'm writing now!  ;)

Anyway, the woman who created the trailer is my friend (well, now she's my friend. She was a friend of a friend when we began.) who makes these "machinima" videos. She uses iClone, I think. Anyway, she liked Syzygy and asked if she could make a trailer for it. Of course I was thrilled!

She was still learning the software, so it was somewhat of an experiment for her. And of course, writing the novel was sort of my experiment. So, we were a perfect match. And she did it for free!  Bless her. :)  And I love it. It's so wild to see your characters on the screen.

But if I have a trailer for my next book, I'd be sure to leave out spoilers.

Anyway, thanks for posting it. :) 
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