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BBC is running a TV version of Dirk Gently starting Dec 16th, but it is on BBC Four & BBC HD, which unfortunately I don't get.  I think they are not offered in the US.  I am not even allowed to view the 2 minute preview - I get "Not available in your area"

Anyway, if anyone figures out how we can watch this, let us know.

Keep an eye on Netflix. It's not there yet. They have the old Hitchhiker's Guide on there, though.

 :D The Dirk Trailer on YouTube:

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Hmm, it could turn out to be rather good. I wish we could actually get it somehow.

I found clips, such as this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HliDPdtunls&feature=related
on youtube.


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