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The Brisbane Times did an article on the TV show.


Seems they did not like it much.  Oh well, I enjoyed them (at least the two I have watched).  And how does Australia rate in getting to watch these when we can't without digging through mislabeled youtube vids?

I just watched episode 2 (the third episode if you count the pilot) and I was rather disappointed.  The criticism of the Brisbane Times is closer to the mark on this one.  It was more or less like other detective shows.  I also agree that it was "not actually bad." 

My first instinct (15 minutes into the show) was that they used a completely different script writer.  And just a second ago, after I wrote that sentence, I verified my suspicion.  Howard Overman wrote the first two (pilot & ep 1).  Matt Jones wrote Episode 2.

So what is wrong with episode 2?  A lack of focus on humor.  Too much focus on the mystery, sentimentality and character development.  All in all, it was entertaining, but not particularly funny.

I still have hopes for Episode 3.  It was written by yet another person (Jamie Mathieson), so who knows.  Whatever the case, it sounds like there will be no more.  While looking up the script writers, I found this quote, "It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to report that the BBC have decided not to make any more Dirk Gently."  While they could always change thier minds, at the moment, it looks like all we will get is these 4 episodes.

That's too bad.  :-\

Someone at Amazing Stories mentioned that their local PBS station will be airing the Dirk Gently shows in July.  I did a quick search and it does appear that some PBS stations will air it, and some already started in the last few weeks.  No mention about it yet at my local PBS.  Just an FYI so you can keep your eyes peeled.


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