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Fun with babel fish translators

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It used to be that most of our spammers where Russian and Eastern European, but in the past 6 months or so, the Chinese have become the largest portion.  Unfortunately for the Chinese, I don't think the Hitchhiker's books have been translated into Mandarin.  

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to try to communicate with them, so I started with some basic Hitchhiker terminology - "Don't Panic!"

Fed into a babel fish translator (Yahoo), it would not translate "Don't" so I had to make it "Do Not Panic!" which resulted in…

which when translated back to English, comes out as:

Should Not Be Panic!

That's funny!
Reminds me of the email my husband's cousin sent from Poland. I was going to be so cool and translate it through an online translator instead of asking him to read it for me, but it came out so funky I was literally holding my sides laughing.

Why doesn't Babel Fish do Polish to English?  >:(

Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun.

((I can't get it to paste the Chinese characters))

Lies on Sunday far in the galaxy western radius arm's not fashionable terminal's unknown stagnant water small unregarded yellow.

(Hmm, kind of lost in translation  :-\ )

Here it is in German:

Weit heraus in den nicht verzeichneten Stauwassern des unmodischen Endes des westlichen gewundenen Armes der Galaxie liegt eine kleine unregarded gelbe Sonne.

Far into the not registered pilot landing on water of the unmodischen end of the western wound arm of the galaxy a small unregarded yellow sun lies out.

lol, the German is a little closer.

No, the forum does not like Chinese characters, so I had to put in an image.  The don't panic message did not stop another Chinese spammer from posting today, so I thought maybe a more appropriate message, like...

"Do Not Spam"

Which translated into Chinese as follows:

Seemed a bit long to me, so I fed it back through to get the English and...

"Do not transmit the similar news to many news groups"

I am guessing this is not an ancient Chinese phrase.

I put in "No" in English to Chinese and got..

?   (Well I don't know how Kilman did it, but I can't get this computer to read Chinese. :()

Now that's not too long, but I put it back to English anyway and got..


Not as funny as Kilman's or Teatime's but it's still a little funny how Bablefish will do that to almost all the words you type in.


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