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Actually, the price is not high considering it is a "Trade" paperback rather than a "Mass-Market" size.

I have several issues with converting to the digital book world.  Some are just my mental, or maybe sentimental, quirks.  But I also have a number of legitimate concerns about digital rights and other problems associated with going digital.  I suspect I would find a Kindle to be useful and convenient in many ways, but I have a strong repulsion to using an ebook for fiction (or reading fiction on my computer for that matter). 

Aside from being a stick in the mud and wanting the old fashioned feel of a real book, I have the added problem of being a bit of a bibliophile.  I have something in the range of 5000 books in my collection and I like the atmosphere of being in my library surrounded by walls of books.  I like the sensory aspects of holding a book, the varied shapes, sizes, textures, smells, out of circulation covers, etc...  My memories of some books are fondly connected to those details.

I'd much rather lug several books in my suitcase on vacation, with the limited choice that implies, than have a light and slim ebook with hundreds of books to choose from.  Before I go on vacation, I carefully select what I want to bring.  It is a very pleasurable and intimate process.   I see it as an integral part of vacation planning.  It sets the mood for the days ahead. 

Another problem is that I like to share my book experiences by recommending and lending out books I have read, sometimes many years later.  Also, how do you get an author to sign your copy?  With a digital signature?  Anyway, just call me a fossil.

...And just so I stay on-topic, here is the middle paragraph of my last post translated to Japanese and back to English:

The feeling of old style of the book of thing and the substance which are the stick of the mud as for thinking that we want, as for me it is the bit of bibliophile as another, and it possesses the problem which is added. I with my collection possess what in the range of the book of 5000 volumes, like the atmosphere of the thing which is in my library which is surrounded by the wall of the book. I like circulation cover retention, and so on from the sensuous aspect size of the book and various shapes, quality and smell,… My memory of a certain book is connected to those details kindly.


--- Quote from: Kilman on May 16, 2011, 10:14:53 PM ---I like circulation cover retention, and so on from the sensuous aspect size of the book and various shapes, quality and smell,… My memory of a certain book is connected to those details kindly.

--- End quote ---

I know exactly what you mean. I also like circulation cover retention and my memory of a certain book is contected to those details kindly.  :D

Seriously though. It is easier to share and trade real books. And I do love the smell of an actual book- especially an old book. (Sometimes I want to eat eat them!) But a Kindle stays open when you put it next to your lunch plate and you can turn the pages with one finger. And (a feature my sister loves) you can make the text as large as you need.

Okay- Here is the Babelfishified version of my paragraph:

Though serious. The share and trades the genuine book is easier. And I love an actual book the smell am a secondhand book specially. (sometimes I want to eat them!) But the ignition pause opens, when you when yours lunch plate invests it, and you can rotate the page and a finger. And (characteristic my sisters love) you can cause the text to be equally big, looks like you to need.

From Germany - "Thus, 42 the answer to the question of life, the universe and all the rest is. Is the answer only not, because the question formulated not exactly enough is."

I couldn't have said it any better.

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Alright, here's what I wrote up to practice for my Spanish presentation. (You can't actually read off of anything during the presentation itself, but I needed to write something up beforehand to figure out some Spanish words.)

Here it is as I wrote it in Spanish:

"Hoy es el Día de la Toalla, el veinticinco de mayo. Esta es mi toalla, y el Día de la Toalla es un día festivo para The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy—la Guía del viajero galáctico. Es una serie de ciencia ficción escrita por Douglas Adams, y incluye cinco libros—ah, es un libro más que era escrito por una otra persona, pero es complicado—y también son una serie de la radio, una serie de televisión, una película, y más. Todas las versiones nos dicen el cuento mismo, pero es diferente cada vez. El cuento empeza con la destrucción del mundo para construir una autopista hiperespacial, y un inglese se llama Arthur Dent se encuentra en el espacio con extraterrestres, en una nave espacial se llama el Corazón de oro, y esta nave usa improbabilidad infinita para el viaje superlumínico. Llevamos las toallas porque la Guía explica que la toalla es la cosa más importante para el viaje espacial, porque se puede usarla para muchas cosas. Se puede usarla como una manta, una almohada, una bandera, un arma, etc. Douglas Adams murió en dos mil uno de un ataque del corazón; solamente tiene cuarenta y nueve años. Es una lastima, y el Día de la Toalla es para celebrar el hombre y sus libros. Él también hizo un libro de animales en peligro de extinción, como el kakapo, el dragón de Komodo, el delfín chino de río, etc. El libro se llama en español Mañana no estarán; en ingles se llama Last Chance to See."

And here is what the Babel fish gives me as an English translation:

"Today it is Day of the Towel, the twenty-five of May. This is my towel, and the Day of the Towel to is a holiday for The Hitchhiker's Guide the Galaxy—la Guía of the galactic traveller. It is a series of science fiction written by Douglas Adams, and includes five books—ah, it is a book more than it was writing by one another person, but he is complicated—and also are a series of the radio, a series of television, a film, and more. All the versions say the same story to us, but it is different every time. The story empeza with the destruction of the world to construct a hyperspace freeway, and it inglese is called Arthur Dent is in the space with extraterrestrial, in a spaceship the gold Heart is called, and this ship uses infinite improbabilidad for the superluminance trip. We take the towels because Guía explains that the towel is the most important thing for the space trip, because it for many things can be used. It Like a blanket, a pillow, a flag, a weapon, etc. Douglas can be used Adams died in two thousands one of an attack of the heart; only it is forty and nine years old. It is a pity, and the Day of the Towel it is for celebrating the man and his books. He also made a book of animal in extinction danger, like kakapo, the dragoon of Komodo, the Chinese dolphin of river, etc. The book is called in Spanish Tomorrow will not be; in English Last Chance is called to See."

Hmm, it doesn't recognize some of the Spanish words I used...


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