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Fun with babel fish translators

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Not that bad, though. I got the gist of it. Still, you can see how the Babelfish translator and that computer that played Jeopardy on TV (Watson, I think it's called) have limits in understanding.

So what did the class think about Towel Day?

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Well, a few people knew about the Guide, though I don't think any of them knew about Towel Day. I didn't see anyone else wearing a towel at college, although one person did finally ask me about it at dinner (she actually asked if I had it because of Towel Day, but she didn't have a towel herself, so perhaps she knew someone else who did).

Well, perhaps you've done enough promotion so that by next year it will be more popular.

*Now, run through Babelfish -Russian style (just to mix it up a bit).  8)

In the best way, is possible you' made ve to a sufficient promotion since to the following year it will be more popularly.

Based on all the internet news articles I waded through yesterday (most of which I did not post links to because they were redundant), I get the impression that Towel Day is bigger in Europe and parts of South America than it is in the US.


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