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Corrupt a wish

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The idea is to make a wish. Say "I wish..." and whatever you want. Then the next person to post grants your wish, but twists it into something bad. I'll start,

I wish I had a car or motorcycle.


Wish granted. You get a 1868 Roper steam powered motorcycle. But it doesn't go fast enough on the freeway and you get stopped by the police and are awarded a big fat ticket!  ;D

I wish for a pony.  :D

Granted, but the pony has a target on it, a missile comes down on the pony and it explodes.

I wish for three more wishes.

Granted, wish one is for a dragon to come and burn your house down, wish two is for gorilla to come and kill all your family members, and the third wish is to have a curse put on you that disables everyone in the world that is and ever will be from seeing, feeling, or hearing you.

I wish my Mom would answer her phone when I need her to.

Granted. The day you call, instead of picking up her phone, your mom answers all the phone's many questions. They become best friends, go to tea each Sunday, and forget all about you.

I wish my next novel sells a million copies!


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