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Corrupt a wish

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Grate Oracle Lewot:
Granted: 42.

I wish for a fish in a dish... that's Yiddish.

A gefilte fish jumps off your plate and slaps you with its tail.

I wish my house was clean!

Granted, now it's super clean that you can't see your house or anything in it.

I wish for ice cream.


It snows ice cream for a month and your town is covered. Everyone has to live in ice cream igloos and eat ice cream for every meal until they're sick of it.

Then they find out who made the wish in the first place and you have to shovel it into a huge pile and live on an ice cream mountain and become the crazy ice cream lady that little kids dare eachother to run up and throw ice cream balls at and then run away screaming and laughing and bragging about how they really weren't scared at all.

Well that’s nice and a little sad but you forgot to wish for something so I shall wish for you...

Teatime wishes that she could fly!

Well now Teatime can fly but she may never stand, sit, run, sprint, walk, or go in the reverse of any of those settings of motion upon the earth again.

I wish I did not have so much work to do.


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