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Corrupt a wish

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Granted.  But this is no ordinary pizza, it's radioactive pizza.  So now your all mutants whom no one likes and your are forced to live in the sewers.

I wish I didn't agree to play Bioshock.

Granted: Time runs backwards, undoing your action. Now, instead of playing Bioshock, you're sitting there watching a fly buzz around in the corner. Your dad walks in and says, "Since you're not busy, you can help me clean out the garage," and you spend the rest of the day tossing out old paint brushes, stinky rags, and mice droppings.

I wish it wasn't so hot today.

Granted.  Now it's not hot, it's freezing cold.

I wish I could eat something really good.

Granted. You eat an ice cream sunday so amazingly good, you can't stop until the ice cream shop runs out of ice cream and chocolate syrup. Only then do you realize what a horrible tummy ache you have.

I wish the 2 presents I ordered for my twin daughters' birthday would arrive today.

Wish granted, only the 2 presents are broken.

I wish I could think of something to wish. 


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