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It's Valentine's Day and that means it's 100 days until Towel Day (unless it is a leap year, which it is not since we only take a leap when it is time to elect a US President).  For this year's countdown I thought we could do an easy exercise - Uses for a Towel - First post of the day gets to declare how many days until Towel Day, but no limit on daily entries.  If you get stuck, you can pilfer something from the Hitchhiker books or from our short list of uses elsewhere on this site...

100 Days Until Towel Day!!!

Towel use: to send messages in Semaphore (probably easier with 2 towels)

99 Days Until Towel Day!!!

Towel use: Neck roll

98 Days Until Towel Day!

To snap at attacking wild animals when you're on safari.

97 Days Until Towel Day!

Towel use: Surrender, aka "throw in the towel"

96 Days until Towelday!!!

Towel use:  Backpack


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