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9 Days Until Towel Day!!!

Towel Use: Soak it, freeze it, and use it as a cold sled on a snowy day. (Not that I have any snow.)

8 Days Until Towel Day!

Towel Use: As an ironing blanket- I put one on the counter and iron small things on it when I don't want to drag out the big ironing board.

7 days until Towelday!!!

Towel use:  Get a big ice cube, put the ice cube in the towel & use it as an Icepack.

6 Days Until Towel Day!

Towel use: Pillow (believe it or not, it appears that this one has not been used yet in the countdown)

5 Days Until Towel Day!!!   :D

Towel Use: Wax your car with it. -Wax on. -Wax off.


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