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Anyone have any plans yet or plans they want to discuss?

At the moment, I am not sure if I will be on a road trip.  If so, you can expect some good Towel Day pics at major landmarks, but maybe no get-together unless one happens to be going on wherever I end up.  We are not on a westward trip so unfortunately we will not be in Teatime or Lewot territory.

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Hmm, checking on my college's website, it looks like Towel Day falls in the middle of next term (well, toward the end of it, but somewhat before finals week), so I guess I probably can't do any excessive traveling. I'll probably just wear it during classes again--nobody ever asked about it last year, and that's always hilarious. Anyway, once the summer rolls around, I plan to visit my friend in Illinois, so even though that's not Towel Day, it will be a trip and I will most certainly bring my towel.

Hmm, good question. Maybe I'll get my little ones to compose a Towel Day song. They're getting pretty good on the piano.  ;D

And we always enjoy watching these guys' video of the Towel Day version of the Algorithm March. But for some reason my kids are always embarrassed when I perform it in public.  :-\

Ok - no road trip for me, just staying here in Colorado.  I suspect the kids will want to go about town doing the "Towel Day Surprise" (see the 2008 pictures thread for how that works).  Who knows, maybe we will do it at the zoo again.  If there were any Towel Day parties here in town, that would be fun, but Wednesdays don't seem to be big party days here in Colorado Springs.  If there are no parties, then I might spend the evening doing the same thing I did on the evening of the first Towel Day back in 2001 - writing.

I asked my littlest kids and they said we should go to the park and sit on towels or maybe go swimming if it's warm enough. No imagination! They absolutely don't want me to make another Towel Day video. Ever since they turned 10 I'm no longer cool. Sigh...  8)


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