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Lewot, just a reminder - don't forget your camera this year.   :o  ::)  ;)

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Ah, yes. I got a digital camera for Christmas, so pictures should be easy this time.

We're going out to brunch with some friends on Towel Day. It happens to also be my friend's birthday-lucky lady! So, I'll bring my towel and my messanger bag which I just ironed a nice 42 on. And the twins are bringing their Webkinz stuffed animals who will bring wash cloths as mini towels. LOL 

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Turns out I need to give a presentation in Spanish featuring an object for a visual aid, so I'm gonna just do the speech on Towel Day, since I'll already have my towel on hand, and I'll explain Towel Day in Spanish. I'm not very good at remembering Spanish words (even though I can usually pronounce them and string them together properly), but it helps when I actually know and like what I'm talking about.

Sounds like a job for a babelfish!  If you have to prepare for this on paper, it would be fun to see what the automated translation looks like.


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