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Greetings fellow Hitchhikers!

This will be the 11th Towel Day!  Although it is still another 28 hours before Towel Day arrives here in my time zone, Towel Day gets underway in 8 hours on Christmas Island.  So we will be looking forward to Towel Day pictures from there shortly.   ::)

Link your Towel Day 2011 pictures here.  If you are not sure how, see the Towel Day Picture FAQs thread.

Photographic evidence that local residents of Christmas Island are indeed celebrating Towel Day:

Yes, Towel Day is here for some as the sun has risen on Kiritimati, aka “Christmas Island”, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Towel Day is also here (pre-sunrise) for Australia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and parts of China, etc…

Happy Towel Day everyone!

Also used 42pt font (stealing the idea from lewot) and a brown color since that is my towel color today.  And yes, it is the newest looking towel in the house.

It is dawn here in Colorado, and Towel Day everywhere (except Christmas Island and New Zealand where Towel Day just ended).

Time to shower and breakfast, then I have to take the eldest two out for driving lessons.  Perhaps if I hide behind my towel I won't have to see all the things we nearly crash into.  Will post pictures as soon as I have some.

The twins and I made a towel art video (but we cheated and made it last night):  Now we're getting ready for the day- going out to brunch and to piano lessons. Our towels are having a busy day!  :D

Lol - I liked the snail, but some of it looked suspiciously like towels waiting to be put in the laundry.


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