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Here is some towelgami that my sister and I did.  All the pink/tan ones are mine and all the rainbow/green ones are hers.

Here are some snails.

Here are some swans.

Here are some ducks.

Here are some baby birds in a nest.

And finally, here are some worms on rocks.

For the swan and the snail we followed some directions but the rest we made by ourselves.

Wow, cool toweligami

Those are so cute!  ;D

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Alright, I've got mine uploaded. Let's see...

Me in front of my starship:

Me in a Happy Vertical People Transporter:

Me in my ship's cabin:

I had a couple more, but apparently they're too big to upload.

Yay! You got your hoopy towel pics up!  :)
I always shrink my photos at photobucket.


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