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Towel Day 2011

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OK, here are our first pictures of Towel Day 2011.

Out for driving lessons

Survived driving lessons without need of towel tourniquet


--- Quote from: Kilman on May 25, 2011, 03:59:43 PM ---Lol - I liked the snail, but some of it looked suspiciously like towels waiting to be put in the laundry.

--- End quote ---

LOL  My girls are the Jackson Pollocks of the towel art movement.  ;D

Yay, and everybody still looks happy. Congratulations. Guess it went well.  :) 

At home in the library with signed copies of Adams books.  Note the cobwebs on the little statue.  I think cobwebs are a legitimate form of interior decorating.

Here are some pictures we took before my sister had to go to work.

My dog is the queen of towels.   ;D

I'm standin g on the far right and if you look at my towel you will see that I chose the most raggy looking towel we have.


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