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If you spot a Towel Day reference in the news, let us know.

Okay, it doesn't count because it isn't news. It's my own blog, but what the heck.  8)

Nowadays, who is to say blogs don't count?  Seems blogs are often the source of news and rumors that make their way to the big media outlets.

42% off  :o

Here is another blog with a Towel Day mention from humor columnist Dave Barry:

Very cool. I love Dave Barry.

You can also find lots of Towel Day tweets on Twitter. I did a search. It's fun because many are in other languages. You see such tweets as "Morgen ist Towel Day" and "0 giorni 10 ore 12 minuti e 41 secundi al prossimo Towel Day." LOL guess they're counting down.  :)

gnews - 10 Towel Day Celebrations to Get Wrapped Up In

I particularly like some of the translations I get at foreign sites...

On a Danish site:

"Forget towel, is revoked."
"2011 is the 10th anniversary of Douglas Adams permanent existence of the error, and 4. time Towel Day in Vejle invite to music and a cosy atmosphere in the rise."

In Germany (den Handtuch-Tag):
"Who travels well prepared through the universe, is clear in the benefit - in the ticket purchase in the Planetarium on Wednesday, the 25 May 2011: Douglas Adams' "per Anhalter the Galaxy" with towel at half price!"
"It is likely that both actors will be equipped to this day with a towel, because as travelers in the universe, they know you of the very useful travel guide course exactly that a towel in all walks of life can be only useful"

And in Austria
"Ford prefect, who is in truth an alien Wanderer: He flies via electronic pickup thumb through the Galaxy and researched for the new version of a well-known leader through the universe. And to plunge the two in the Galactic melee, encounter great crazy figures such as the double-headed Zaphod Beeblebrox and the bipolar robot Marvin. You eat in the "restaurant at the end of the universe", drink "Pangalaktischen Donnergurgler", and decrypt the big question for the sense of the world, of the universe "and all the rest"."

Then there are more serious news bits, like being wary of evil doers out to exploit Towel Day:
"GFI warns users to be mindful of Internet searches for several high profile events during the month of May as well. These may include malware attacks surrounding the Indianapolis 500, Towel Day (celebrating the late author Douglas Adams) and college graduation season."


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