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Lots of articles about Towel Day on the net today.  Here are a few, will try to put up more later...
Says someone had a daughter last Towel Day, named her Trillian.  Happy Birthday Trillian!
It says there is a new Hitchhikers game coming out.
It says Twitter is abuzz with Towel Day and Denmark has banned some cereal because it has been "fortified with added vitamins"

Here is an interesting one.  An interview with the person who first came up with the Towel Day idea a few days after Adams died.  It is in German so you need to either be able to read German or babelfish it:

Thus, like millennial confusion, people start to label this as the 10th towel day when it is actually the 11th.

Small news blurb, but there is an art gallery in Salem, MA that is collecting towels on Towel Day for a local animal shelter.  Not big news, but I thought that was cool idea (animals need towels too)!

This is not exactly news, but I wasn't sure where to put this, so...

Ran into this old blog from 2009 with a couple of Towel Day posters put together by a Star Trek fan featuring Captain Kirk with a towel.


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