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I just watched "The Pirate Planet" an awesome Doctor Who episode written by Douglas Adams. It's from the Tom Baker days. I think Adams is the perfect writer for Tom Baker's Doctor, with all of his pithy lines.

And the Doctor even says "Don't Panic!"  8)

I'm in the middle of watching all the Tom Baker episodes.  Which episode is that?

It's "The Pirate Planet," the second episode in"The Key to Time" adventure, which is a series of episodes in which the Doctor looks for the pieces of the Key to Time with Romana. These are my favorites. I wanted to watch them in order, which I haven't done in years, but the third one isn't on streaming at Netflix, so I skipped it. I just watched the fourth.

You can see the list of episodes in order here:

I wonder if the old Dr. Who episodes (Baker era) will find their way back on TV?

One odd thing I noticed over the last year or two, no one seems to broadcast the original Star Trek series any more.  I used to think those would never go off the air.

I hope so. Maybe PBS or the SciFi channel.  Not that I actually have the SciFi channel.   ::)


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