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The above mentioned first episode of The Doctors Revisited will re-air this Wednesday on BBC America.  It looks like there will be one showing in the afternoon/evening and a replay in the middle of the night.

The Doctors Revisited - The First Doctor (documentary plus The Aztecs)

The Aztecs was apparently the 6th Doctor Who episode - This showing includes all 4 parts of the episode for a total of 100 minutes.  Documentary is about half hour if you remove the commercials.

In looking that up, I noticed that many Doctor Who episodes from the first 6 seasons are "missing" - no doubt related to the short sighted policy that almost saw most of Monty Python's episodes destroyed by the BBC.  Python was only saved by one or more of the members buying the recordings so they would not be wiped out.  Sometimes it pays to be a packrat.

I found some interesting tidbits about Doctor Who in an article about a book publishing in 1986, including the following:

"Ford Prefect from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was created by Douglas Adams as a reaction against the Doctor. Show writer Douglas Adams says it himself:

You see, the Doctor is always rushing around and saving people and planets generally doing good works, so to speak. I thought the keynote in the character of Ford Prefect was that, given the choice between getting involved and saving the world from some disaster on one hand, and on the other going to a really good party, he’d go to the party. Every time. So that was the departure point for Ford."

more can be found here:


LOL  Wow, I never knew that!

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Isn't there actually a bit in the third book where Slartibartfast is trying to get them to save the world and Ford would rather go to a party? And of course, the book was originally a Doctor Who script, so I guess it was all but directly pointed out there--not that I noticed at the time, but it's pretty neat.

Another Adams Dr. Who script to be novelized by the same guy who wrote Shada.



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