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If possible, avoid logging into Towelday until we figure out what is going on.  It looks like there is some sort of mirror site redirection that has been going on since around the 10th of June.

Not sure if this is the mirror or our proper site.  One way or another, some people have been visiting one site while the others have been visiting this one.  Posts made at one place do not appear at the other.  Passwords may be compromised, so when we clear it up, you will want to reset them.  But at the moment I am not sure if this is a safe place to login or change the password.

I lack experience in this kind of hijacking and don't know how long it might take to reach Donna, so please be patient.

::Runs away, her hat flying off::

Teatime, you appear to have been the first person to post a message on this version of the site (after the problem started on the 10th) back on the 22nd.  Prior to that, we had noticed that you hadn't responded to several posts and it seemed odd.  Perhaps you were taking a break, and perhaps you never saw those messages because you were in this alternate universe.  Around the 16th or so, I asked if you wanted to be a mod to help fight spam.  Then a few days ago I posted some funny (ok, maybe not so funny) observations about your 7 random facts on your blog.  If you were visiting Towelday and never saw either, then maybe you have been here while the rest of us were conversing on the other version.  

Anyway, still working on this.  Going to clean up around here to make things less offensive (spam).  I will post updates periodically.  Donna contacted me and hopes to get a chance to look at it tonight.  Hopefully I am just paranoid and there is a perfectly good explanation for all this.

What a mess.  Not only did I have to clean up about 300 spammer accounts and maybe 100 spam messages from the 10th to the 18th, but now it looks like I have to clean out 200 accounts, 82 topics, and 146 spam messages.

Lewot - the reason you can't see moderator options for helping clean up this spam is because I made you moderator in the other universe (towelday Mark I - possibly destroyed by Vogons, unless this is towelday Mark I and these posts are doomed).  Here you are a mere mortal.  Other than cleaning up, I don't want to modify accounts until we figure out what is going on.  Then I can make you a mod again.

Ha, my spell checker wants to turn Vogons into Vegans.  (it is comments like these which help you, the reader, feel sure that this an official message from the real Kilman).


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