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Serious problems

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Yay, the sharks are gone!:D  This kind of reminds me of a movie we watched part of last night.  In the movie there was a monster in the water and they had to kill it, and at the end of the movie a little girl said that now they can swim happily or something like that.  It was supposed to be a horror movie but it was so bad it was hilarious.

Also, now that everything is fixed, We'll be getting a new member! ;D  It's a friend of mine from a different site (ZeldaDungeon.net).

Yay, a new member!  :D

I have to work up to hitchhiker? What do I need to do? Post more? *heads to 3 word story*

Yep. You're just a strag until you post a whole mess of things. I can't remember how many. Hmm, could it be 42?


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