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Bloggers exposed


Originally posted while Teatime (and maybe by that time also FallingWhale) were visiting the alternate towelday.net.  The wording will be different since I have to re-write it.

Apparently Teatime and FallingWhale have fallen victim to a blog award pyramid scheme which entices them to reveal random, and potentially embarrassing, facts about themselves.  With exhibitionist zeal, all too common in this age of facebook and youtube, they both complied.  Here is my assessment of what some of these random facts really tell us about them.


# corresponds to the fact # on the blog

1. Early in the relationship, husband promised to buy her a biplane - hasn't delivered yet.

3. Has peculiar interior decorating tastes.

5. Her children are embarrassed when she sings in public.

6. Has nightmares strongly resembling Monty Python's Hungarian Phrasebook sketch.


1. Was once a member of the "A Sound of Thunder" Prevention Society.  Was kicked out after nap and subsequent butterfly fatalities were projected to result in the rise of a fascist government on Mars in the year 64,137.

2. She likes animals - apparently the feeling is not mutual.

4. Reading of a Philip Dick novel has misled her into thinking that owning a real sheep will improve her social status.

5. Is bored of microwave TV dinners and canned soup.


Your insight is just uncanny.  :o

My hovercraft is full of eels.  ;)


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