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Probably no one will get the Messi reference in the three word story, but it refers to a TV commercial which always struck me as odd...


What I want to know is, who has been tasting his feet?

Well that was certainly interesting.  I guess they didn't know that tasting people's feet was weird.

Hmm, I've never seen that commercial. That is interesting.
My grand nephew (who is only 11 months old) will taste your toes if you let him. So will one of my cats.  ::)

Commercials like that bug me when I can't tell what they are trying to sell. My best guess here is either shoes or a lighter.

Selling shoes (Adidas) - Maybe they have a foot fetish which might explain why they did not see anything strange in talking about the taste of someone's feet.  Maybe a lot of weird foot fetish types work for shoe companies.  I can imagine an interesting fictional character with a quirky desire to taste peoples feet and a lifelong dream of running a shoe company.


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