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Here is a thread where we can post links to news articles that have some Douglas Adams connection (not to be confused with our "Towel Day in the news" thread which is more specifically about Towel Day).

As happens with great writers, Douglas Adams quotes are finding their way into every segment of society.  Here is a news article on global economics which opens with an Adams quote:


Oh interesting, thanks.  8)
I didn't see this. The article or your post. I used to be able to hit the button- "Unread posts since last visit" and all the new stuff would come up." That hasn't been working, I guess because there are things I've missed.

Good thing in my procrastination from NaNoWriMo I've been poking around here on my own.

Not entirely new material, but here is a little story of Adams' struggles to bring Hitchhikers to the big screen:


I like this part:
"I've appended a list of numbers you can reach me on. If you manage not to reach me, I shall know you're trying not to, very, very hard indeed."

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Wasn't this in The Salmon of Doubt or something like that? I remember reading it before...


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