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It looks like we have two threads talking about the live show (my fault for not remembering Teatime's earlier post)

Link to the show's web site: http://www.hitchhikerslive.com

Half way through the shows, and there are still no shows planned beyond the UK.

--- Quote from: Teatime on May 17, 2012, 02:15:14 PM ---Ooo, yeah, I hope they film it.  :D

--- End quote ---

Well, sort of, but no, but there are audio recordings of some of the shows available for purchase, but you can't buy them...  To quote the show's web site - "Each live show is available to download. Downloads are available for 7 days after we add them to the shop.  For legal reasons, downloads are only available in the UK."

Grate Oracle Lewot:
So in other words, the cost of the download for one of us is the regular price plus that of a round trip plane ticket :P And we have to convert into Pounds or whatnot.

Things are a little slow around here so…

It seems people like to quote Douglas Adams for news articles, regardless of the topic.

Here is one from yesterday about, “VARIES project proposes antimatter starship mission”

And another from earlier this month on fashion, "Space-age fashions are set to rocket"

As I said, regardless of the topic...

Here is an article from India about the two presidential nomination conventions which opens and closes with Douglas Adams.  (don't worry, regardless of your political leaning, you will not be too offended as they didn't seem to like either one)


 :D  That's so cool.


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